SABINA JOY is the real deal

“Osha mecho in SJ is one of the best… in my three hours stay bado sijaona rexumbwas content. All are flat tummies and U25 … Nimehama VIP officially” says my small head

I always say Sabina Joy has the hottest lanyes…kwanza siku hizi there are so many new faces. Under 25s… Alafu it is one of the few clubs in Nairobi where you can never be drugged or your photo taken

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Point on

The last time I f’ucked in sj was 2003 and I was left with a decade long PNC. The room that I was screwing in was carpeted with used kondigo and the bedding were wet with a mixture of cum and periods. I had to undergo some pastoral counseling.

Holly isht!

:D:DJuu ya hio story siwezi kanyaga huko kamwe!

You get what you pay for.

2003! Damn! How old is that place.

Hii kitu ni mzee…I think 1980 Bado watu walikua wanaosha Rungu mbaya mboff
Billionaires Who Built Nairobi: Inspiring Story of Sabina Joy Landlord Gerald Gikonyo -



was there last week, and i like what i saw. some slim dark lanye with an afro really impressed my abdalla. lazima nitarudi mfuko ikiwa sawa

And it has never closed since, save for a brief moment during the 1982 coup and again a day during Covid

@Matapiko pitia hapa

How lanyes built the wild west

I wonder why that guy on Youtube who does videos about Nairobi Town, Kisii Town, other town lanyes hasn’t made a video about Sabina yet.
Ama he has?

You should be asking how old is this pensioner who was patronizing sj in 2003


Room ni how much huko?

Nilikulana SJ around hii time pia…kitu 2004…floor was littered with used condoms. Bed ilikuwa na mattress haina hata mattress cover/ case na ilikuwa imechunwa chunwa sides…dem alitoa leso kwa bag yake akatandila kwa hiyo empty mattress. Afew pumbs na nika burst my nuts