Saba saba

Yep! Today is Saba Saba day.
Sadly, it seems that it’s just passing unappreciated,(even in this village of great thinkers…where art thou @karl marx ?) but this day should have been declared a national holiday. Its the day that reminds us of the early 90’s struggle for multiparty democracy by the then fierce politicians Like Shikuku, Matiba, Rubia, Koigi Wamwere, Raila Odinga, Orengo, Muite, Masinde Murilo, Jaramogi among many others.
The freedom of speech and other freedoms that we enjoy today was largely due to your relentless fight for multipartism.

We salute you all.


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And fmungai.




Raila looks good on that picture :D:D

I can see what you did there

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George Nthenge[ATTACH=full]8792[/ATTACH]

Ahmed Bahmariz[ATTACH=full]8793[/ATTACH]

why are those pics in black and white like there were no decent colour cameras in use?

Not forgetting Goerge Anyona. I was saddened by how he died and the endless burial dispute between his family members. Gibson Kamau Kuria also played an important role in representing political detainees in courts consisting of very biased judges.


I remember very well photos on the front page of the dailies of Shikuku on top of that green pick-up truck flashing the V sign. Man, I was really isnpired. Today the likes of Orengo are a pale shadow of himself.

When I look at that photo up there, I realize yesterday’s freedom fighters are today’s oppressors and vice versa. “Don’t follow dem leaders dem a tricky and dem cunning, don’t follow the people them are all backstabbing” (Richie Spice).


from klost alikua f-magui:D:D:D

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All of us should thank those liberators. We also wish to thank modern day liberators like Kalonzo and Wetangula. These people will take us to Canaan.



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There is a world of difference between those who fought Moi and Kanu in the 2nd Liberation and the coup plotters of 1982.Rao escaped the hangman’s noose by a whisker and mostly due to Jaramogi pleading with Moi to spare him.

Its often said that 1 act of wrongdoing is enough to erase a lifetime of good deeds. Raila may have done some commendable stuff at some point but I think it went to his head after a while and he just started fucking everything up! Its really hard to remember or see any good intentions he may have had past a certain point. As much as I blame him, I also blame his “friend/associates”. No one had the ballz to let him know whenever he was fucking up! He’s our very own DMX! Nicca stay penetrating his own self!

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No offence, but how old art thou?

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