S.Legacy 2007

Would like to upgrade from T. Allex to BL5 o7 non turbo 4WD . What do i expect in terms of fuel consumption, maintenance costs?. Ofcourse higher than the toyota but by what margin.

Kate waiganjo alert.

Its much more expensive. Again, it depends on how you use your vehicle.

Hiyo Allex ni K what and you’re selling for how much?Got a friend looking for one.


4WD = increased fuel consumption

Subaru spares zina bei esp kama wee ni msee wa Toyota utashangaa sana.Angalia grp ya FB inaitwa Subaru Owners Club Kenya utajionea.But legacy ni gari poa sana huwes compare na hio allex.As long as u dont skip service and u use original spare parts that car will outlive you by faaaaaarrrr.