S.African Slay Queens are on a different level (How sponsors are duped)



Thirst for quick money is bad ass!


When I was young, they was a hadithi of sungura mjanja always shouting for help that fisi had attacked him in his house but when neighbours came to rescue him they found out it was a hoax. Sungura would laugh at his neighbours for falling for his lies. One day the real fisi attacked Sungura. He shouted for help but neighbours didn’t show up because they thought it was one of Sungura’s false alarms. He was eaten by the fisi.

Hizo ni pesa ama cards za kucheza poker? Very ugly.

monopoly money

Hahaha, fika huko halafu ukose pesa ndio utajua ni kadi ya pesa.

Those are South African Rands.

Most comon trick hapa kwetu is when a lady manipulates you with the fasle impression of sexual gratification utume fare aje kwako. Only for ‘something to come up’ after inquring amefika wapi

Maliar mnalipishana design ya kinyozi. Unamaliza kumkamua ukimhesabia, hakuna mambo ya down payment

moral of the story?

Huko Qatar kuna slay princesses?

She faked her illness and the sponsor send her money. One day she will get sick and ask for same amount then sponsor will refuse to send.

I don’t blame slay queens. Most of these guys who pay these slay queens never got women the normal way when they were peasants and probably have self esteem issues.
Way I think about it is if you have money girls should chase you instead, not the other way around.

One of those " cards" is equivalent to almost ksh 2000.00. Do the maths.



Hapo ndio phrase ya “utajua hujui” inaingia.

Kwa wingi mujamaa. Kwanza Kenyan ratchets everywhere … tembea nkupigie thru pass