Rwanda's Bustling Electric Motorcycle and Electric Car market. Rwanda Will Be Africa's Japan in the 2040s

Rwanda’s government is getting behind the “carbon neutral” movement by promoting electric cars and motorcycles. German automaker Volkswagen is demonstrating electric vehicles in Kigali, while a local company has begun selling electric bikes. But some ask whether the vehicles work in a city with a dense population and poor road system

[ATTACH=full]275021[/ATTACH][SIZE=6]Electric VW Assembled in Kigali[/SIZE]
On a parking lot of the Kigali International Convention Center, Rwandan Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente stepped into a Volkswagen electric car, and maneuvered it around with no problems, like it was his own.

His short drive officially launched a pilot program by Volkswagen. The company is putting four electric cars on the roads for Kigali residents to try them out through the Uber-like Move service.

[SIZE=6]Electric Motorbikes, Charging Station For Electric MotorCycles in Kigali SIZE=6 [/SIZE][/SIZE]

While we fight over 2022 and BBI Sh!t


Electric bike iko Kenya nijaribu?also hiyo charging station ni how much?compared with fuel plus distance covered. Billionaire s kujeni tufanye biashara

ION:registering a company in Rwanda is free.mbona ke tunalipa?

Hizi praise za Rwanda I don’t get them… There are so many rwadese at Kasa to Eastlands either selling smokies, kinyozi or whoring. How comes no Kenyans go there for such. Mnajichukia sana.

We are the conservative superpower. Ata ukienda kwa wazito kama papa US hautapata fancy stuff kama china, japan, france etc.
Cars are old fashioned, trains, planes, infrastructure, buildings etc.

Nataka kuunda electric bike battery diy

love the way that golf looks mus be driving even better …izi ma electric hutoka nduki ukipress throttle!

wacha kujitekenya buda
chki hii link

china is in the futute,US waliwachwa kitamboooo

I belive you CHINA ni noma when it comes to AI

I repeat again. This Rwanda will be the America of africa in years to come. Endeleeni na BBI zenu currently

It’s not self hate.Rwanda has a vision

My taxi guy there was a Kenyan na pia kwa dating apps nilipata wakenya kadhaa wanauza pussy 100 dollars.

My only reservations with Rwanda is Kagames strugglehold of power. Guy doesn’t even have a successor. Does he even have a V.p or something? Its hard to know what Rwanda will be like past Kagame. Kenya will be better after jubilee

Kaa tu hapo upatwe na wakina stop self hate batallion.

Did you just refer to Kenya as a super power and compare it to real super powers? Wacha mzaha aisee.

Those electric bikes zimeweza, manufucturers should have used them to penetrate the market.

This is where the problem is. Rwanda is a glass structure that might come crumbling down with Kagames exit.

They might surprise us. They seem to be more development conscious

Mbona haziwekwa stamp ya KIIgame

Rwanda wanaendelea juu wako na a soft focused dictator, hii story ya siasa ikiland kwao everybody wants a piece of the cake ndio waangushe V8s kwa barabara kwisha hao.