Rwanda-Tanzania SGR to go to eastern DRC

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Rwanda-Tanzania SGR to go to eastern DRC
Wednesday June 26 2019
The initial plan was to link Isaka, Tanzania, to Kigali in Rwanda.


Kinshasa has given the green light for a feasibility study to be carried out to pave the way for the stretch to its eastern border.

A plan by Tanzania and Rwanda to extend the joint standard gauge railway line to link Kigali and Rubavu on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo seems to have gained fresh impetus after President Felix Tshisekedi’s recent visit to Dar es Salaam.

Kinshasa has given the green light for a feasibility study to be carried out to pave the way for the stretch to its eastern border.

President Tshisekedi said in Dar es Salaam that the extension of the SGR to Rubavu will open up trade opportunities for the country which, according to a TradeMark East Africa report, depends entirely on the ports of Dar es Salaam and Mombasa for its imports and exports.

The detailed design for an extended line from Isaka in Tanzania to Kigali in Rwanda, covering 575km, was agreed on and both countries are going to finance the project at a cost of $2.5 billion, with Tanzania paying $1.3 billion and Rwanda $1.2 billion. Rwanda will incur another expense to cover the extended line to Rubavu.


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President Tshisekedi assured President John Magufuli of Tanzania of increased volumes of his country’s exports and imports through Dar es Salaam, which will be connected with the SGR when is complete.

The Dar es Salaam port handles an annual average of 1.76 million tonnes of goods destined to and from the DRC.

Tanzania’s SGR is 1,457km from Dar es Salaam to the shores of Lake Victoria, and is among the $7.5 billion worth of mega projects the government has planned to undertake over the next five years.

The government has given the priority to the project during the next financial year’s budget. In May, parliament approved a Tsh4.9 trillion ($2.1 billion) budget for the Ministry of Works, half or Tsh2.5 trillion ($1 billion) of which went to the SGR project.

A lot of talk just to announce a feasibility study:D:D. Our SGR feasibility study was conducted in 2005 before build started in 2015. You must be desperate to celebrate a feasibility study. Just to remind everyone that accordingly that in 2015 when they approached Uganda to join their SGR project, they shared the result of Tz SGR feasibility study that had recommended to them to get Uganda onboard or it wouldn’t be feasible. 60% of Tz port cargo terminates in Dar itself. 40% of the cargo goes to interior. 40% covers the following regions, south to Mbeiya, central to Dodoma, North to Arusha/Mwanza, export to Zambia, Rwanda and DRC. That report got to Nairobi courtesy of Ug. Out of that 40%, the central line which is mentioned here to Rwanda covers only 15% of that overall cargo. That’s why we are sitting pretty. All the maths are just against them. The cargo volume to justify any railway through Mwanza, Rwanda will be very hard to fund unless you are looking at 25 year ahead. As you think about it know SGR Kenya is making that leg to Rwanda closer every year.

The timing is just the one:D:D Rattled that President Tseshekedi is due to come launch SGR Kenya phase 2A Nairobi-Naivasha-Narok. In Tz he is being talked up about a feasibility study, in Kenya he is launching completed construction work of a running SGR project. He will then go launch the Kshs 20 billion Kisumu port construction where SGR will build a container and cargo hub. Lastly China okays Exim Bank of China to finance SGR up to Kampala simultaneous build.

Lastly how is Tz SGR, still struggling to build 100 Kms to Morogoro in year 4. Payment is coming slowly, they are buying materials when needed:D. Cement, steel etc. The Turkey/Portuguese contractor doesn’t have its own cash reserves to help when payment delays. They will build only as fast as payment comes. Have they started on the infrastructure side at the port? No. Bridge in Dar? No. Stations in Dar? No. Where will the power come from considering the announced track testing in July? No idea. That’s why people are staying with SGR Kenya on this project. That megafool project has unknown timelines that keep on changing and facing year long delays. Big statements unmatched on the ground. On paper and media headline is was to be completed in 2017, then 2018, 2019 is sure to pass by.

Bw. Mkuki wacha Bw. @Soprano aimbe sauti yake. :smiley:

I was tagged so I decided to share info in full. Hapa si kama Tz where only megafools can give info and you all have to agree.

For starters, isn’t Tanzania’s SGR and AREMA design SGR???Inferior to the China Class 2 rail that Ethiopia has and by faaaar more inferior to the China Class 1 rail that we have???
Lool!!There is no competition here!!

Whoever builds the next SGR in Africa just needs to visit Ethiopia, Tz then Kenya. I’m glad we went the distance and build class 1 Chinese standards. I’m glad CCCC took the lead in decision making and based them on long term needs. If it was ministry of transport or KR leading we would be buying second hand locomotives at the price of new because of tenderprenuers. Ethiopia SGR was idle for 1 year 6 months after launch as it had various small issues to resolve. Electricity to ran it was from the grid which had several blackouts a day. They didn’t for see the need of a dry dock in Djibouti until when the project was completed. How WS cargo going to get loaded to the train? It took them a year to build a small one and up to now its not connected to the port. In June 2018 almost 2 years after is when Ethiopia and Djibouti agreed how they will share the power costs for the train. When they launched the passenger service last year, SGR Kenya had already clocked 2 million passengers. Last month is when Ethiopia got funding from China to build a dedicated power transmission line for the SGR since it can’t continue operations with the blackouts. In Ethiopia Skyscrapercity forum the locals there can’t believe how we overtook them in building and operating a successful SGR project. There own started in 2010, it took 7 years to build.

At least tz hasn’t been sold to Chinese. Pole pole watafika tu

It would be great if Africa could have the kind of interconnectedness we see in Europe, the more extensive our infrastructure the better for us all because we get to trade with each other more including have seamleass movement.of people.

So all the best to TZ, Rwanda and DRC

Tanzanian SGR is all but a paper tiger,. Nothing but hot air

If it hit Kisumu, it will be a hit. What about Macharia’s project of upgrading the current metre gage

Only him and fools belief in his tales. Worst CS currently. He announced “investors” who will upgrade meter gauge railways from thin air and gave no detail of whom they are and from where. It was all a made up lie. Who will invest to upgrade that line while SGR can simply take away all the cargo immediately its done. Don’t take his proclamation seriously await concrete evidence first. On SGR await communication from Chinese or signing ceremonies.

As we go to Afcon remember this.

In Dec 2018 SGR made $18.8 million that month. In Jan 2019 it made $20 million. If you project that without changes then SGR Kenya revenues in 2019 will be $240 million. If you factor in monthly steady increase of cargo as observed since it launch, then conservatively it will make $300 million this year. Operations cost $120 million a year. That leaves us with $180 million to pay half the loan. However we collect $270 million a year on the Railway Levy fund. That means, it can pay the balance of the loan at $220 including interest. That leaves us with $50 million that we still have to use for land acquisition up to Malaba. CCCC will tell you in their own experience its very rare to have a new railway justify its build within 2 years. Maybe 5 years. This project was delayed not rushed and i bet they its just a matter of time they will come back with an offer to buy into the project. Pay off the loan, interest and a good profit on top. This numbers have greatly contributed to China passing the second feasibility study and offering us further funding. Uganda 10 million tons of cargo annual uptake in 2018 at Mombasa port is also good numbers for justification to build the line to Kampala. Its uptake in passenger is 99% tickets sold, some may fail to come but they bought seats. Cargo has had 100% uptake. There is no time on the 14 cargo train pairs daily that wagons weren’t fully utilized. What varies is the nature of cargo where its containers or general cargo as the pricing varies. Out of dozens of trips daily none have failed to take off or arrived late. Efficiency is perfect. We now have to consider ordering more wagons and electrification of the line. It was built with electrification provisions already in place. Its just putting the wiring and overhead cables. The biggest build is off the track which is its dedicated transmission line with back up so that it will never be affected by blackouts.

I hope hizi maneno spear una andika hapa ni za ukweli…

You know tha way a movie and a movie trailer are usually miles apart…


Mbona kama Vile hupendi Tanzania Iendelee? Hiyo ni tabia ya Mchawi,
Don’t mislead,
Tz SGR now is 700km U/c
Thats Phase 1 200km Dar to Moro
Plus phase2 450km Moro to Dodoma to Singida.
Tazama progress hapa

How many kilometres

How many kilometers from Mombasa to Eastern Congo or just Kigali, what about Dar?. They have an upper hand stop lying to yourself