Rwanda focuses on Beauty. I want to visit there

90 Kenya MPigs and their fellow dogs are wasting billions of shillings in useless benchmarking trips while Rwanda is quietly moving ahead.
Kigali is the cleanest city in Africa.
Construction started January 2019 and just the other day Hon. Paul Kagame was cutting the ribbon.
CS Rotich n [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Thugge would have supplied towels


This is just bonus

Rwanda is overrated, small airport and land is so much subdivided

At one point I might move there… But i doubt they are ahead in matters power and internet. Sitaki kuenda mahali stima zinapotea kila siku.

Go ahead

Seriously. Address the issue at hand. They are inaugurating an arena 6 months after groundbreaking while 7 years after the promise, no jubilee stadium is done.

It is not a stadium is it? It is an indoor arena.

Comprehension na deduction naona ni shida. Is your response reason enough as to why we should accept mediocrity?

Bhai is currently drunk in his Kikuyu pride to be given any insight
What use is a big airport if you have to import a country’s staple food.

Countries that used to look up to Kenya are now finding their way ahead and organised than kenya…
The only things that matter in terms of progress, is an organised transport system, ease of doing business legally, and no lose of public money, and no abuse of office…

Ghaseer, stop hating, rwanda is a country that’s getting things done

That is not the point. I think Kenyans are quick to accept mediocrity like that shit sonko is building ati ni stadium. But you cannot compare a stadium to an indoor arena. You know what happens if the stadium is not utilized and maintained. That promise was always unreasonable and you should know better, just like the promise to eliminate corruption in 5 years.

How can they be ahead in power/energy matters na stima iwe inapoteapotea

Rwanda is not better than uhuru’s government,where is their roads? Where is their port? Where is their sgr? Where is their democracy?[ATTACH=full]253531[/ATTACH]

All they need is a focused president and things happen

Things are already happening,i think their priority is the issue

Where is their sgr

Kagame is one intelligent guy . As much as he might have flaws but it’s the intent at heart that matters a lot . We can’t have leaders who all they talk about is agriculture , water and education. At times you need someone who thinks outside the box

Example : Gaddafi (MHSRP) was the best leader ferking libya had. He created the world biggest first man made river . If he got stuck with mentality of digging boreholes ,Libya wouldn’t have been the country it used to be before his demise. This is exactly what Kagame is doing .

Let me help you think outside the box . You know Rwandese to be tall. Most of them will play basketball on this arena attracting talent and will end up signing contracts in Europe and maybe …maybe NBA. If a single person signs a contract of at least $1M , how much of that will trickle down to Rwanda?.. Remember Mutombo from Congo ? He set up the biggest hospital in congo. EXPOSURE is what Kagame is doing. He once exposed his country by being on the Jersey of Arsenal or something . He was boosting tourism. And for sure tourists flocked in Rwanda that year.

On the other hand ,us Kenyans are doing the same thing that colonials did :
Building railway , more airports ,buying plots en-mass with the hope to resale making a huge killing , building roads bla.bla bla. No one is thinking outside the box how to be entrepreneurs. Anyway I resorted not to be writing long threads but I hope you forgive me today.

When they start working on it,they might do it better than us coz all the funds will be dedicated towards realization of that particular objective.Hakutakuwa na wizi

Empty debe manenos.

[SIZE=6]We must always remind them. Today, tomorrow and forever.[/SIZE]

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