Ruto's Time To Cry Is Coming

Mama Ngina ni Ngati wale wabaya. Akisema utalia lazima ulie. She Owns Kenya.

Ruto atakuja kufinywa viazi very soon


Jana ilikuwa siku ya Sonko.

there are so many riches and glory in the world, and there is none that Ruto hasn’t enjoyed, even if he dies today it’s okay, he will not bow down before parasitic owners of capital.


BBI inapita and will be used to shaft him bila lube.

And why does he wanna be President?

Ruto will win the 2022 contest but it will be stolen from him. Hakuna kitu atafanya

From my angle, Ruto, unlike Raila, wont blink. He is prepared for PEV 22 IF IT ISNT HIS WAY

And bang…class-war, just like that! They better not steal a hustlers victory. That will not be assault to Ruto, but to an entire underclass. An assault by the patronizing political elite who who believe that they have a divine duty to determine who leads Kenya. This is a war they should not wish to have.

Kwani this mama ngina will live forever like a kagogoo or a stone to hell with her

You are clearly underestimating the man from sugoi, unadhani the trips alikimbia pale Sudan na Uganda ni za kuangalia ngombe za museveni

to lift people from poverty

[SIZE=1]using wheelbarrows[/SIZE]

You think people will riot or demonstrate for Ruto? If so, for how long?

Wacha ujinga bonobo ndindu

Acha ufala.
We’ve been singing all along consequences are better imagined than experienced.
It’s life that’s at stake, not who sits at the throne.

You obviously won’t riot or demonstrate for Ruto

That’s true.

Though they can’t tell it to our faces and are pretending to oppose it …all current sitting politicians(including ruto )know they stand to win more than lose if BBI passes.

This is true
Ruto was also present and appointed his people to the committee (BBI committee)
But he shouts the loudest in public.

Thats exactly what the govt wants, kisha GSU wabwagwe huko na pia mungich Then it is blamed on him.

But no PEV will take place come 2022 although kutakuwa na skirmishes as usual but there wont be no class war or major violence as he does not have a cult like following, yet.

Alright. You must be super optimistic to think the Kenyan electorate has finally evolved enough to possess the intelligence and resilience required to rally behind a cause, for once, rather than personalities.