Rutos achievements as president for two days

Deputy President William Ruto
may have achieved a lot for the
two days he stepped into
President Uhuru Kenyatta’s shoes
as Acting President, ranging from
meeting diplomats, to launching a
tourism expo and clearing a few
other things in the in-tray at
Harambee House.
However, one that stands out as
the greatest achievement of his
two days’ tenure as President is
his slap on the Western nations
over travel advisories.
This is after United Kingdom,
through its High Commissioner
Christian Turner, apologized to
Kenya over the travel advisories
just a day after then Acting
President William Ruto talked
tough against travel advisories
issued by Western nations like
Britain, US and EU for faults not
of our own making.
Turner said the travel advisories
are not meant to harm Kenya and
its economy but to ensure safety
of British citizens.
“We only warn our citizens not to
travel to parts of the world that
we consider a threat to their
safety,” said Turner.
However, he concurred with
Uhuru/ Ruto that terrorism is not
a Kenyan problem but a global
phenomenon which needs
concerted efforts to fight.
He said Kenya is a victim of the
war against terrorism and
pledged UK’s support in fighting
insecurity and vowed that there
will be no more travel advisories.
“I agree with Uhuru/ Ruto that
Kenya is a victim in the war
against terrorism and we may
have acted harshly by issuing
travel advisories,” said Turner.
“We all have shared
responsibility to confront this evil
all over the world. Our ties with
Kenya in trying to create a secure
environment for its citizens are
stronger now more than ever,” he

too little.