Those knees…
They have a story to tell…
They stood steadfast…
When the rest of the body succumbed to bleaching…

Nipe kuma

She is handsome

Kikuyu head bigger than assss
Shapeless mungikiress

I was accosted by a demon

Kichwa ni kama ya rhino

OP should be shot dead on sight

Get ur tribal head of ur ass then

Huyo mjamaa

No one is asking the obvious : why is she walking around in public NAKED???

Where does one draw the line???

I mean you can’t walk into a restaurant dressed like this. There are kids there. Probably this is in a shopping mall. Lack off class. Anafaa atupwe nje.

Ama apewe leso na Miss @Wanaruona from Keno hapo kwa stage.

those long fake nails si ni germs na meffi tu huwa zimejaa

Foolish homosexual usinitaje ovyo ovyo. Usipake kinyesi.


Truth be told …
90% of the Hyenas in here would tap that no questions asked , If given the chance …
Bure Saana , all of you misguided , opinionated wankers … :smiley: :smiley:

This lady is not naked. Her Mt Kenya are well covered and her honey pot is also covered. You can barely see her ass.

Shot tatu pa pa pap, alafu naingia nyasi

I know I would