Hey @spear come and pretend Ruto is some kind of genius like you usually do even though he has no track record of standing for anything. His biggest political play was getting into office to save himself from ICC. He is a w*nker.

He will not be President of this Country.

He will not be president, sawa. nini itabadilika kwa maisha yenu? Mwizi wa sugoi ako na nafasi yake ya kufunza pale UoN. Ashamla ngombe mzima, mkia amewaachia.

This guys don’t understand that he’s trying to save the country.

Hata hiyo PhD ni fake. Enda w*nk mbali

Ruto was a masters student in 1992. Unasikia wivu kwa nini? Why are you bitter with a loser? Si ushughlike na mwenye atakuwa president na uwachane na Ruto?

Kenyans hate the dynasties and their complete control of the Kenya government more than anything else. Ati when you annoy them they unleash immigration department, DCI, KRA, EACC, KWS and DPP on you. And if you are friendly to the dynasties you can even shoot somebody in front of the camera and walk freely or steal billions of money and be free.
If the dynasties keep campaigning for BBI or for the 2022 election, I know that William Ruto will be the next president of Kenya.

@girlciki93 xaxa mrembo long time no hear. Nitumie number inborsk please my dear kuna kitu nataka kukuonyesha personal.:D:D:D

Unacatch mafeelings as if you are Rachel Ruto, ghaseer.

It will take more than hate for the dynasties for the Ruto to get votes outside central and rift valley. Ruto needs to stand for something instead of hiding behind social media posts

tribalism can be blinding


Ruto is hiding behind social media posts? Really?? I see Ruto all over Kenya talking to the people directly. I don’t even think Uhuru Raila and Mudavadi combined go around Kenya like the way Ruto goes.
I swear it’s like you haven’t been watching the news

Like he saved Arror & Kimwarer? Let’s start with Nbi, just look at his choice of candidate (Bishop Wanjiru). Is that how he will save the county?

Yes I dont watch news I dont have time for propaganda. He is hiding behind social media posts because he does not say what the people want to hear. people want to hear how he will confiscate land stolen by the dynasties and return them to the hustlers or how he will punish the dynasties for corruption. People outside Nairobi dont care about 200 bob jobs they want to know how they will stop being squatters in their own ancestral land

Save the country from what?? What has he achieved so far. Ruto supporters mumerogwa nyinyi.

How can somebody be hiding when he is always on the road meeting the people?

Ruto is the cancer that we should be saved from

Its like you never read. He is hiding from talking about real issues

From saying Ruto hides in social media to now saying he is not talking real issues. You moving goal posts?
Even if you have moved the goal post Ruto is always talking real issues. Youth unemployment is a real issue

People want to hear what he will do to the dynasties to correct the problems facing Kenya not social media stories of how dynasties have taken over