ruto wants yes men... the future is not good


It’ll be best for him to leave. For his mental health and overall well-being. It’s hard to work in a hostile environment.


After he corrected Riggy G “hadharani” he was marked.

Njoroge is very good at his job

President anafaa kuruhusiwa aweke watu wake kwa serikali, ndio time ya lawama asiwekelee wengine, achukue responsibility maneno ikiharibika.

He will leave for correcting RG in public.

The indiot…doesn’t understand what money is for Wanjiku…phd permanent head damage…Keynesian whore and also in a cult…wanajiita opuz dei…

Wanjiku atafute pesa huko opuz dei

Walikuwa wanatukana Uhuru daily plus insubordination and now they want the presidency respected?



When ignored…:D:D:D…class ya Kapondi


being an apologist is hard work

All of them will have to go becoz the old and the new have different interest and way of doing things. If njoroge and co. feels they is better of, why was he so silent during the previous regime, why didn’t they talk about the ills of the previous govt now. If the presidency makes a mistake you contact them to correct the situation, you do not go yapping in public saying your boss is lying.

He has an employment contract as governor and that should be respected.

utaskia miga jeserem ama sijui kotut amerudishwa central pang. :D:D

Riggy g apunguze mdomo, huyu ghassia CBK naye aende nyumbani

Exactly , but we agreed it was to restore investor confidence. If he corrected riggy in silence the damage of those yaps would have gone far
So far investors after the governor open statement assumed riggy was I’ll informed.