Ruto vs Raila (ODM Tu)

Both of this guys were once boss n deputy in a party… Whoever will win the latter wins but it will be a big loss for mountain people…

From my calculations
This is my prediction::::: Jubilee and ODM will come up with a specific candidate preferably from my Kenya or rift valley who will run against the hustler wheelbarrow party…

Election will be rigged n wheelbarrow will be the new opposition party

Most Hustlers are from the mount region and are behind WSR. Hawataki siasa. They want action leadership which Ruto is good at. Vitendawili na porojo na ukabila is not seating well with them. There restive spirit on getting things done resonates well with Ruto. Their issues (poverty) are not well echoed with “good story-telling skills”. They want someone who can excite them to come out of poverty. Alafu on the other side, you cannot play scare-politics on these people. Vitisho is one thing they don’t react to from Mau Mau days. They know exactly how to handle it.

Lastly, once again, Raila has wasted very critical time to prepare ODM for 2022. This will come to bit him, very soon. Between ODM house-keeping (MIB affairs), building the usual coalition with Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Weta, Joho (the usual girlfriends), and persuading them to back him (they will, as they always do), ODM demands to to remake IEBC (the usual script), he will regret the precious time he lent to Uhuru on handshake. BBI imekufa, and Uhuru can’t wait to cut and say, ‘I didn’t promise anyone anything’. This time around when Luo’s throw a tantrum, I will support them. Raila alichezwa na Uhuru kama karata; that is wrong.