Ruto To Withdraw From 2022 Race....?

Everyone’s fighting Ruto… @spear what are you doing to keep the boat from capsizing? :rolleyes:

Political analyst Herman Manyora opined that Deputy President William Ruto would withdraw his presidential bid in the 2022 general election if he stands to have a future political career. Speaking on his YouTube channel, the analyst detailed that Ruto’s recent actions showed that he did not have the requisite numbers, comparing him to a soldier in his last gasp effort to go down with a fight. Manyora also castigated Ruto’s recent response on President Uhuru Kenyatta reportedly backing a candidate from the National Super Alliance (NASA) regime.

Jubilee will support an ODM candidate in the 2022 presidential election.
All jubilee members including the deputy president must respect the party’s decision.
We expect Ruto to campaign for and support the ODM candidate in 2022.

  • Jubilee SG Raphael Tuju-

"For Ruto to react in that manner for all intents and purposes, which were rumors, is a clear indication of a man who knows he has lost it all and is giving up to save his troops.
“If he insists to go through the wire in 2022, there are going to be many casualties, especially politicians from Mt Kenya,” he stated.

He gave examples of politicians such as Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa and his counterparts, Ndindi Nyoro (Kiharu), Alice Wahome (Kandara) and Rigathi Gachagua (Mathira) who would bear the brunt of it all.
Further, the analyst deconstructed Ruto’s political tactics, noting that his downfall would be attributed to his reliance on the Mt Kenya region.
He added that the DP ought to seek the region’s votes as a bonus and focus on consolidating other votes from other counties.
According to Manyora, there are three scenarios that would play out in the 2022 General elections, none of which favored the DP.
The first scenario involved the subdivision of Mt Kenya votes to various aspirants. He added that the number of votes that Ruto would get wouldn’t make a difference.
The second scenario involved the region not presenting a candidate. He affirmed that in this case, Uhuru would have a majority say in where the votes would lie. The final scenario would be where the region would unite and rally around one person.
He also opined that businessman Jimmy Wanjigi would be a top contender if he was backed by the Mt Kenya region.
“Jimmy Wanjigi will be facing ODM party leader Raila Odinga and I can assure it will be a battle that will not produce an outright winner. There’s going to be a runoff and in that case, Kenyans will decide,” Manyora stated.
The 2022 political race is slated to shape the country’s future with various leaders declaring their aspirations to succeed Uhuru.
Currently, Ruto, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, former UNCTAD secretary-general Mukhisa Kituyi have thrown their hat in the ring. Raila is yet to declare his 2022 aspirations.


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is mukhisa aware that to be president you need 50% plus one vote and not 1% plus 50 votes.He has better chances in pornhub

The worried politicians in mt Kenya are those from kieleweke. Even them themselves have been expressing this fear while begging for kieleweke reforms to address this. Therefore this opinion is like the one of the crystal balls.

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He cant beat the state. Uhuru has put himself in such a position that he cant allow a Ruto presidency and he will use any means necessary to prevent this.

Manyora is right. Arrors best chance is 2027. He should join us jubilee members in supporting baba for 2022, then atawachiwa na baba in 2027.

All jubilee members including the deputy president must respect the party’s decision.
We expect Ruto to campaign for and support the ODM candidate in 2022.

  • Jubilee SG Raphael Tuju-

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if kikuyus go for konyagi nitawadharau forever

Biden? Trump? Kibaki?

So luo can support their son baba, kaleos should support their son hasla but okuyos are banned from supporting their own son?

Sawa, jaribuni, tutakuwa hapa 2022 December. Msimamo wetu haubadiliki. Raila anataka support ya Ruto against nani? Si waende tu kwa debe kama opponents mkenya aamue?

ruto is technically a kyuk.

Our party jubilee has spoken and this is the party position. You should also start campaigning for baba like all of us jubilee members are doing.

All jubilee members including the deputy president must respect the party’s decision.
We expect Ruto to campaign for and support the ODM candidate in 2022.

  • Jubilee SG Raphael Tuju-

Arror will never take orders from unknown personages of little consequence.

why does Arror speak with so much bitterness as if the presidency is his birthright ?

Mkale chieth tulia tuchunishe huyu mwizi wenu vile alikuwa akifira public coffers DFHKMNKN

In 2013 our dear leader ohuru told us he had entered into a coalition with our then arch-enemy arror and we supported the TNA/URP coalition 100%. In 2021 our dear leader is telling us that he has entered into another coalition with baba and ODM and we will also support the Jubilee/ODM coalition 100%. Our dear leader knows what is best for us and will follow him wherever he leads us. He knows what’s best for us.

He hung on ohurus coat tails and ended up no 2. He doesn’t know getting to no 1 is an uphill task and he will have to convince 50%+1 kenyans that he is the best man for the job, and do this without his master ohuru, on whose back he has been riding. The worst mistake he did was to insult his benefactor ohuru and now he will be all alone in the deep end looking for votes.

The dude burned all bridges…with a smiley face soaking his coat-hanging endeavors… RAO was the rug for mopping the floor… :D:D:D

That is why he was defending them during the Kiambaa church incidence ama? Itumbi tunakujua…