Ruto the most deceitful president ever?


How is that “scholarship thing” working for the “hasoras”? :D:D:D

Kubalini mko gullible,

Hio ulikuwa brilliant plan ya Itumbi:D:D those guys did us a mis favor by not letting Itumbi swim in river yala.

I agree with you. This is the most stupid president ever elected on face of the earth. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici.

Since proclamation of the new Republic by H.E. Dr. William Ruto, some people have been wishing for his failure. Its not going to happen. He might not have the resources to do anything significant for a loong time, but he is better than the plundering and pillage that has been there. Join the March.

Livestock ndio wanapiga nduru ati Nabii is deceitful. Kwani mlimpigia kura?:smiley:

Mwafrika na akili zake mbili kama za bata ni rahisi sana kumndangaya, Unapo taja tu mambo ya Mungu Mwafrika anakuamini sana.

The Negro is a cursed species bewitched with tremedously LOW IQ

You will have to live with the fact that you elected a conman to the highest office in the land. So instead of crying every day, please look for a way to improve your life

As if he is going to stop shit. Look at his choice of CSs…majority are crooked!

On top of that he’s as strong and fit as a horse which can live to 135 years. He is truly suffocating. What shall we do?

Jubilee orphan troglodytes are yapping like konyagi did not try to fix his entire family in every facet of Kenyan society to fasten the second looting of Kenya

I really doubt that:D

Mzigo ulishafika @sani

Sasa mkikasirika saa hii na ndio ameanza tu saa hii…

Tukubali yaishe.

Thinks are bad but I expected him to be worse and so far, he is living up to my expectations. I used to think Uhuru was the worse president in Kenya but Ruto is just worse. He makes me wish Uhuru angeendelea na kazi

[ATTACH=full]492938[/ATTACH]Na si anafanya kazi!

Watu watafute degree. You think this is about Konyagi?

For those who belive in prophecies and God,explain how this was God’s choice!

i believe somethings God lets the people decide for themselves.He has no business in them.But being a good father he teaches that to whom little can be trusted,much can.Also,a mustard seed is so small but it grows into a big tree.

So,Ruto’s presidency will be a reflection of his days as a CU member,YK92,how he won his first MP seat(it is rumoured moi had someone else,but ruto slapped his way to seize the seat),how he performed as an mp,assistant minister,minister for higher education(he loves big changes,peopl used to wait atleast 2years to join campus),ODM pentagon and how grand coalition negotiations were done(ODM believed he was a double agent) and finally as uhurus DP.

So,manage your expectations.Atleast be like me and watch what experts like Ndii and Ndung’u are doing.

Hasora anajua kire anafanya.