Ruto should launch his manifesto we see what he plans to do for Kenyans

We need to go through the manifesto so that we see what he plans for Kenya. We need to see his plans regarding health, education, agriculture, tourism, youth, foreign affairs etc. Shouting hustler is not a manifesto.

They launched a manifesto in 2014 and followed nothing. Where are the 500,000 jobs.
Manifesto is crap. I can go type something on my phone while sitting in the toilet and call it a Manifesto.

If I recall, even the photos of the trains in the manifesto are night and day with what is on the ground

Unjanja ya Eh-tombee imefika mwisho, Ruto can’t put a manifesto forward, for he knows team Uhuruto hasn’t delivered 90% of what was promised in 2014.

This guy is a genocidal maniac and you are busy asking about manifestos???

Get your perspective right ama namnagani my fren? Its like if Hitler was alive today, Zi Germans start asking for his manifesto

Hon. William Ruto (UDA) manifestos?

  1. Wheelbarrow for youths


Manifestoes haven’t worked in +254

[SIZE=1]Shouting bbi isn’t a manifesto either[/SIZE]




Ujinga yako ndio kipawa chako. Tumia vizuri.

Speaking from experience?

He will be launching it soon