Ruto Purchases 100 Nanny Goats. Pesa otas

Dp ruto left many shocked in Baringo where he had been invited for a cultural event after he landed with 12 million in cash and used it to purchase 100 Goats. That means that the Dp purchased each goat at 120,000ksh in the auctioning event

jana nimebuy packet mbili za longlife milk na [ATTACH=full]146551[/ATTACH]

You must have been the one carrying the briefcase…

wapi link?

Click bait maliza hekaya…

Ulisahau ile part ya

The monies raised will be used to insure over 12,000 families in Baringo through the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

Tumia pesa ikuzoee tafadhali!

the aim of the post is to say how can Ruto afford 12 million and his salary is 1.2 million…


Harakati za kuendelea kumpaka DP matope.
In any case, if the exercise was broker driven, each goat would have been bought at 1,500/=…later to be sold at 12,000/= coz of Christmas.

sasa nani anapaka dp matope… Ama ni wewe matope? Am tryna say how he overwhelmingly supported the event… Si ni kama harambee za church where you find yourself buying a chicken for 2000 in a bid to support a church project…

Jamaa amekafunga

If showed up and bid Sh13million would they sell to me ?

Ama baba ni mmoja tu hii Rift Valley ?

In auctions ata kijiko unaeza nunua na 12000…kama umewahi attend zile za mtaani za kuraise funds

in auctions if you quote a price other interested parties counter. Am sure not many will go toe to toe with WSR. So, you’d wink first.

I’ve been to [an] auction before.

This is just an hypothetical where I’ve limitless cash just like WSR - which I do btw- but no national standing.
Would they call me kando and convince me to let it go for Bwana Mkubwa or would they let me win then Jacob Juma me later :(?

Jifunze kusoma.
Ruto bought 1000 goats for 12 million.
The price of each goat was sh12,000.

I cant wrap my mind around someone buying goats for 12 million na sio za biashara. anazipelekanga wapi ama anazipeana?
kwani pesa yake ni kiasi gani?
lakini hii ni kuambia riftvalley bigwigs mtu aseme ng’we! akijiskia next five years aone fire.

Make em fat and sell them to Qatar for a cool 36million.

That’s a lot of cholesterol and single malts…

We have problems when locals are supported and when they are not.

The 12m was from Uhuru n Ruto and their friends to support a cause. Wewe na beste wako pia mchange mzinga afadhali kushinda Legend.

If wishes were horses, would you ride on them?