Ruto played Smart Politics

Ruto knew that he needed Mt Kenya support for him to rise to presidency and that is why he never focused on aggravating the mt Kenya support base. This is the main reason he decided to support Uhuru for two terms because then he was sure he will use ten years to build links and connections with the GEMA. In these ten years he also focused on building strong relations with leaders with great grassroot support in the GEMA and other parts of the country. Ruto also exploited the hatred that GEMA has for Raila knowing that after Uhuru term is over the only major competitor against him would be Raila who he knew does not command any support or love in the mountain. That is why Ruto has always directed his attacks on Raila and never at Uhuru even when he knows Uhuru is fighting him because he knows Uhuru is a non issue at this point.
Raila on the other hand played a politics of gamble. He has always aggravated the mountain. While he could have used the 2002 NARC coalition and Coalition Govt to woo the mountain, he chose to not to, but rebelled under the Kibaki NARC goverment and even in Grand coalition he was still doing the same. This is why it has been difficult for Raila to win the support of GEMA. Even now Raila is still using wrong strategies to woo GEMA which shall fall flat. He is trying to use the Kikuyu elders and Uhuru support to endear himself to GEMA something which wont work because the GEMA people see it as a leader being imposed on them. Ruto on the other hand after 2013 elections made it habit to use govt machinery to launch projects in GEMA, attend the harambees and church functions and others and thus endeared himself to the common man while Uhuru was busy drinking and sleeping in state house. And come during 2017 elections he came forward as the greatest defender of Jubilee govt when he fought NASA politically himself and told them off during campaigns and after nullification of the elections.
Raila is trying the same right now, acting as a defender of govt and Uhuru playboy so as to woo GEMA but its too late because GEMA can see his hypocrisy and now the Uhuru govt is much unpopular in the ground. Raila lost the chance post 2002 and pre 2013 which he should have used.


Ruto this Ruto that …si unapenda huyo jama Sana

Si upendo. NI kujaza mavi kwa kichwaaa

Continue worshipping him he will do nothing for Kenyans except cement his empire

Analyzing politics does not mean one worships or zealously support a certain person…

I will give my thoughts after watching madvds mother funeral, I hope who is who will be there…ruto,Raila etc

This will be a v interesting year as the tumbocrats re-align themselves and we the sheeple follow them. Kivutha is gaining traction. The younger voters are talking about him a lot. They are tired of the current goons and want to try a new thief. I kind of feel they are as tired as the young Americans who kicked out the buffoon.


Do tribes rule or individuals from tribes. When is the last time you voted the Kikuyu or kalenjin tribe on the ballot box as vying for for presidency ?

Assuming this impossibility that Ruto was the President and Uhuru was his deputy. With the assumption still standing and Uhuru behaved the same way Ruto is behaving, could Uhuru be still alive really?

Wakenya! Mwache kulamba wanasiasa matako…hii tabia inaudhi walai

Ruto was paid to join Jubilee and was allowed to steal all he can during his term. He cannot say anything bad about Uhuru because Uhuru did him a great favour.
And I think Kenya should move away from the three political tribes they have always allowed their worst to rule the country they should give to other people who support better leaders

@sani…maoni yako

Game bado changa.

Raila iy the biggest fool in politics ever, ameshindwa hata na Trump

99% of your posts are obnoxiously political. Go get laid, won’t tell you again

Ambia huyo Arap Meno. Kila sa siasa tu

Yes because Poltics is my hobby. If your hobby is getting laid then better go put your focus there and leave me enjoy my hobby of Poltics

Sawa Mr. Langat

Hii Ruto this, Ruto that maneno ni hype tu kama propaganda ya baba. The real 2022 President anajulikana na si huyo Sugoiman