Ruto heckled in Nyandarua

The crew there was just shouting BBI as hustler was talking. I guess sio Wakikuyu wote wamepoteza akili. Wengine wanajielewa.

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Swafiii hasora by 2022 atakuwa Hana Hadi nguvu ya kushika mic.

Paid drunkard’s

Heckling politicians in Kenya is an equal opportunity occurrence.

Each victim will like @tikagi here claim the hecklers were paid by their opponents. :D:D:D

saperes will follow what Uhuru will say wachana na hizi kelele munapewa ktalk na Twitter voters wale walidanganya PK ati anashinda . Kenya is a tribal nation and the tribal chief gives direction and people who vote are the guyz huko mashinani, and never have they gone against the tribal chief kwanza a sitting president, ama muniambie mmoja from kalenjins to saperes to luos to kambas. si kina ktalkers kama @Electronics4u @Meria Mata watu wako town. mostly internet warriors siku ya election ndio wamepewa off utapata ni pombe na hangover wako ndani

Never. Ever.

There’s some truth to it . Wakikuyu bado hawajaongeleshwa na kikikuyu …when that time comes utajionea

What time?
That time came and passed long time ago.

makosa moja alifanya ni too early campaigns, hiyo narrative ya hustlers na dynasties or vile he was promised to be handed over is becoming tiring, kama si hizo ni attacking rao, no agenda how he’ll transform peoples lives. when you repeat something for too long, it’s meaning gets diluted. halafu pia he needs to visit other parts of the country too, every week ako huku nikama he’s not sure of support like in the rift valley.
48 laws of power, scarcity increases value.

Walitumwa na that @Use Less Governor, Mr

They are really trying to change the narrative following kangatas truth dossier

We are tired of being used. Uhuru is finished

If you mean what you say, you are v lost this time round. The tide turned.

He did not have a choice. He got wind of what was being planned by Uhuru/Jakuon.

Penda Sana. My people will never be hoodwinked by the jambazi sugu kutoka Sugoi lenye miraba minne na misuli tinginya

These are clearly few paid bonobos. The Hustler narrative has taken over everywhere except nyanza. DP uncle Willie is unstopable.