Politics is a dirty game as you know. In my opinion on how Uhuru betrayed Ruto, to me it sounds like a strategy ahead of the 2022 election. Kuna game inachezwa hapa ndio jamaa apewe kura on the ballot day. I am sure there is no bad blood between them ni akili ya wakenya wanacheza nayo tu so that Ruto can be seen as a good leader ndio apate hio kiti.

As far as I hate to accept Ruto is increasing high chances of winning the coming election, and it makes me sick kwanza nikikumbuka all the fake manifestos to layed across. Tell me how many of those have they fulfilled? I was their supporter from day one and I regret casting my votes 3 times nikijua tumepata the change that Kenya need.

According to random polls, Ruto is favored one by many, that’s a fact. But huyu jamaa akiingia kwa hio kiti, wembe ni ule ule, ngojeni mtaona. First priority ni ya these so-called leaders, then sisi wengine mabakish.

I am not campaigning for anyone, but in my honest viewed the perfect President Kenya can have ni mtu kama Hon. Kivutha Kibwana. I am not even from his county but we have to admit this guy has done so much work that any leader in this nation (Am open for critics). But unfortunately, he might never be the president due to mindset ya wakenya wengi and some who are blind to see that.

But let’s wait till Ruto becomes the president and one year later you will review this post. THIS COUNTRY IS A JOKE!!! Na siwezi jisumbua tena kuamka mapema nikavote. smh

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]:smiley: :smiley: this ladies & gentlemen, is a democratic PNC moment.

Thrice uliamka ukikatazwa na kichwa ngumu yako.

Stop telling us nonsense that we shall review. Review what in particular?

Smh unajichanganya nini


LootAll has benefited from that symbiotic relationship.

He has and will have been DP for 10 years once Uhuru is done with his term.

Remind us again what debt does Uhuru owe that murderous, kleptomaniac? One debt he owes him is to have him locked up.

Presidents (the world over) do not owe their Vice Presidents or Deputies any debt.

Let arap Mashamba run on his own merit. Of theft and all that is wrong with Kenya’s political landscape.

Liwe Liwalo!!


this is what I am talking about. Most people will prefer Ruto to be the president. I don’t! smh

Haha umesahau opinion polls za 2017?

Unfortunately, 2022 elections won’t be done on some random online poll that you can take with your smartphone.

It will be done by IEBC. And who has the keys to IEBC servers? Yup! You’ve guessed it.

i agree,in another post in this forum i explained what Uhuru is doing is neutering the ground. Ruto is still an option and also a kikuyu candidate is equally an option.

Another problem with Kenyans is overlooking what team their favorite candidate is working with.If Kibwana is so good but he works with dimwits who are only their to enrich themselves,do you think things will change?kibaki was an ordinary politician but had a good team,Uhuru failed on that…mtu akisema anataka kiti atuambie his think tanks besides manifesto

And the “people” that count the votes and control the so-called “servers” will determine how many votes each candidate will have “gotten”.

Stealing depends on how close the two candidates are, any difference beyond 5% is hard to cover. Usidanganywe na NASA ati elections are won by cheating during counting, didn’t see raila could not agree to participate in the second match. Uhuru is not helping fighting ruto, he is making him popular and hardening him. Showing him all the dirty tricks and destroying all the good side he have, the end result is that we will be back to nyayo era again.

swanschieth, hio it’s better imagined than done

the rivalry is real, mpaka shamba ya RUai inachukuliwa…
a fake game using real bullets??? i don’t think so

Naona you are trying to test the waters. One can easily tell that you are a Ruto sympathizer disguised as a neutral critic. You are not in touch with reality if you seriously think the thug can clinch the seat. Simply put, let me dampen your spirit by letting you know that that thug will never get to the house on the hill.

But in your mind you still think Ruto can achieve a landslide win? If two tribes that claim to have numbers they could not amass enough votes until they decided to rig? What will he do with rift Valley and say 70% of Central theoretically. What happens in vote counting in strong holds is simple they either destroy votes za opponents during counting remember mkishacount at the polling station hizo karatasi zifungwe ziwekwe kwa hizo box no one will ever open them unless a recount is asked for and only guaranteed by a successful petition.

70% Central is very high. This guy controls only around 20% of Ichungwa’s constituents (5% of Central). By the time we are casting votes, this number will be neglible.

I am a Ruto sympathizer??? I have never been a Ruto supporter and will never be. You’re saying he will never get to the statehouse, I also pray and hope it goes that way. but just look at the opinion polls, those can give you a close hint on the end game. This guy has tried so had to be in that seat, and he will stop at nothing and I hate to admit that. Kenya will be in a better place if he never gets to that seat, and I wish Kenyans can unite and not vote for this man.

Did the 2013 and 2017 opinion polls worry you as much?