Ruthless Kenyans



Why is there a need to fake ages with players? Are there age limits to playing in teams?

Yes. Teams have entry-level recruitment age for new players. Pros are in a different category.

[SIZE=6]Years ago, MLS drafted 14-year-old phenom Freddy Adu, who was dogged by questions about his real age.[/SIZE]

Throwback Thursday: 14-Year-Old Freddy Adu and the Age Truthers

:D:D:D… imebidi awa wasee wamezidi.

Could be he still wishes to play in Europe.

hata Wanyama ako over 30 years. Pace yake imeisha kabisa

@Tarantinoh wekea mimi link nipitie hizo comments nicheke pia

Football Kenya federation page wacha niiangalie.

Aha. So market price vs age

Hehehe no one will sign a 36 years old player but a 26 years old has better prospects.

He has ten years experience of bieng a 26 year old…
Seriously though,you can fake your years all you want but that body will betray you. You eventually get somewhere the body cant take the physical strain anymore even at your age of 26, take a look at wanyama now.



This is a U13 game. Hebu tazama huyo Mwafrika ati pia Uko U13 :oops::oops::oops:


bado atachezwo