Russia's new weaponry

At the 70th celebration of WW2 victory over Nazi Germany, Russia revealed new weapons shown here below:
New Mig 29.

New tank Armata T-14 full robotic tank
New intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Sukoi Su-30SM
Robert Mugabe and Chinese president were in attendance.

Hakuna mchezo.

wawawa world war 3 ni mambo kwisha

Russia wako down…this is just military propaganda.US wako na some weapons, zingine top secret…vita ikitokea ndio utaziona.

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vita ishatokea ukraine (NATO) vs Russia. WW3 will most likely be a proxy war or economic sabotage.

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Hio ni vita ndogo ya kupiganwa through espionage…personaly i think ww3 is highly unlikely.

do you, pray, work at the pentagon perhaps?:oops:

WW3 inaweza kuwa hatari. Even North Korea today tested a submarine missile. Problem na N.Korea ni kufikiria tu vita na economy iko down vicrazy, people live horribly there and their leader is like a god to them. All these new weaponry ni ya nini? At one time it might be used. Countries will find excuses to go to war so as to test the arsenal.

Economic sabotage started already. The current low fuel prices by US were meant to discipline Russia. Or at least slow down their military spending

Hiyo tank ni mambo mbaya msee,
i) crew operaring it are just 3 : commander, gunner and driver.
ii) Hiyo gun yake ni automatic reload.
iii) Hiyo gun yake can fire either shells or missiles.
iv) Hiyo tank pia ikona anti-missile tech.

Vita ni pesa. Kama huna pesa sahau. The richest are able to make and sustain war beyond everyone else.

You mean like how Kenya is eliminating Alshabaab

Hatuna pesa ya kutosha hapo

Do you think North Korea would be able to sustain war beyond everyone else, in your opinion?

No. We kenyans probably have a better chance.

What a surprise! Most documentaries must be telling lies.

Just a joke from what usa got in store… I.e a bullet da daent miss its target

Those whiteys can bomb each other into oblivion. They have caused enough problems as it is.

The media…just like how they make western people who have never left their countries believe that everyone in Africa is dying of hunger.

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Imagine all these weapons are meant for a fellow human being

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