Russian government resigns

This guy is a clever dictator. He is trying to avoid prosecution in the years to come.



I watched him as he walked recently, he is not very young this chap.

From history most dictators are usually toppled wakiingia grandpa years. They start becoming weak and forgetful.

It would break @Sokwe mtu 's heart to see a rebel shove a bayonet inside his Russian master’s anus Gadafi style.

It would truly break @Sokwe mtu 's heart to see his beloved white leader above hiding in a drain pipe or in a hole in the ground like Sadam. But these things sometimes do happen.

Keep wanking son

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin ni mjanja sana

Hii ni BBI ya Russia. The guy oscillates with executive powers from president to PM

Thts the new trend world wide. From China to Kenya. Uhuru is proposing constitutional changes to ensure he remains in power after 2022, Putin after 2024, Xi Jinping is now president for live, Trump is going nowhere, Museveni and Magufuli are going nowhere

Mtu anieleze in laymans terms what is going on huko.

Putin amejitengezea post mpya na prime minister. Na power zote zitakuwa transferred kwa izo post mpya. Presidency ibaki shell. Ndio akistep down after 2024 atakuwa mdosi kwa io post mpya, pamoja na Medvedev. After 2024 president atakua ceremonial, Putin atakuwa anasimamia committee ingine mpya yenye powers zote

Huyo jamaa will soon overtake mzito Stalin as the longest serving leader. Lakini pia nikama anaogopa akitoka hapo mamlakani yeye atakwisha. Lakini he has medveddev sijui mbona anapanick.

Jamaa astaafu aende akagonge SQ wake na ale mali yake huko kwa private residence yake pale caspian sea mpaka atuache.