RUSSIA may badass in military prowess but their economy is built on clay

For those who don’t understand economic ,war and geopolitics , Russia is a military powerhouse but their economy is built on SOFT CLAY . Norwegian Pension is pulling its shares from Russian Central Bank and this may mean the end of Russia. Those yelling about Russia military prowess should read this books, Zinc Boys, Voices of Chernobyl by Svetlana Alexievich.They will start lining for bear soups.

Russia supplies most of the European countries with oil. That is the card they will keep close to their chest. Drop in global oil supply will affect many countries as prices will shoot up.

NATO waache upizi

Ongeza gas, wheat, sunflower, potatoes, milk. People underestimate russia big time

And I used to think Kenyatalk was 100% Team Russia kumbe mlikuwa mnajifanya? :smiley:

Ama ni realignments mpya? :smiley:

And where will Russia take their oil? Drink it? Bathe in it?

Its as if your reasoning capability ends deep in Russia’s ass. Izo vitu zote Russia itapeleka wapi?? Trade it amongst themselves. Naah they aint Ching Chong.

Wacheni kudanganywa politicians are full of shit.

Norway will also collapse if they leave Russia. Where will they get oil and gas ?

Norway has invested billions in Russia. Will they abandon all that wealth and technology in the Russian oil fields?

If Putin shuts off gas to Europe what will happen?

Wacha matusi. Si you just counter my argument.

They have the option of sitting on them or exploring markets like korea or china.

The question is, what happens to countries tha depend on Russia

Sell it to China!

China will then remix it with other oils and resell it to Europe for a large commission.

Putin wins whichever way.

Right now do you know where your Kenyan oil comes from???

Hujui. You just use it. You are probably using Russian oil and gas even as you bitch angrily. :D:D



Russia is a gas station [SIZE=4]masquerading as a country - John McCain[/SIZE]

Africa in general is in a condition that is equivalnent ot the worst form of ‘economic sanctions’ from the rich countries. For example travel advisories are nothing but a soft way of imposing a sanction. Visa conditions on Africans are a sanction. They dont want you to sell them finished good but want the raw materials for their own factories? SANCTIONS. They would rather sell you outdated and second hand things = sanctions. Your higher educational qualifictions are not recognized by rich countries, thats a SANCTION! Why is super-negroid haiti which is though a northern hemisphere country is dirt poor? SANCTIONS! Wachana na waznungu wafinyane, its like what i read in this village - “chokosh wars”.

Uncle Sam should move in and liberate Russians from the oligarchs and Putin


[SIZE=6]These investments that are being frozen…[/SIZE]

15 hours ago - World
[SIZE=7]Norway’s sovereign wealth fund to divest Russian assets[/SIZE]
[li]Ivana Saric[/li][/ul]
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Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre on Feb. 23. Photo: Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Norway’s sovereign wealth fund will divest its Russian assets in light of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre announced at a news briefing Sunday.
Why it matters: Valued at $1.3 trillion, Norway’s state-backed investment fund is the largest in the world. The fund’s Russian assets consist of shares in 47 companies, and government bonds, worth a total of some 25 billion Norwegian crowns ($2.83 billion), the government said, per Reuters.
The big picture: “We have decided to freeze the fund’s investments and have begun a process of selling out” of Russia, Støre said at the briefing, according to Reuters.
[li]Norway’s oil fund, known as the Government Pension Fund Global, has begun the process of withdrawing completely from the Russian market, Norway’s Minister of Finance Trygve Slagsvold Vedum said, according to local media.[/li][li]The government will send a letter to Norges Bank, the country’s central bank, to immediately freeze all funds in Russia, Vedum added.[/li][/ul]

Uncle Sam’s dollar is no longer as powerful as you are made to think. It’s printed like shit. China, India and Russia have enormous sway in business. Russia will largely circumvent the sanctions using China and BRICS.

Why is everyone still talking about US, The EU is the largest economic bloc on the planet, and all the signs suggest they are very much against the unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, i.e Germany just changed a long held policy of not selling German made weaponry to active conflict zones, which will now allow many other EU countries that use German military hardware to send Military assistance to Ukraine, Plus the brics themselves depend on The EU heavily as their main markets for goods they produce, US influence is a lot less yes, but the EU’s economic power is what Putin grossly miscalculated, and if the dollar is so week why are Russia’s foreign reserves made up mostly of US Dollars still?