Ruracio Things

Is it just me who finds it weird if a person pays dowry for a girl he hasn’t made pregnant? It makes sense to pay dowry, but inviting me for a ruracio when the chic is not pregnant with your kid, or you haven’t sired a kid with her seems like a fools errand. I dont even understand why a girl’s parents should know your face if you have not yet “scored”.


hizi story tafuta singo kama watano uite handles zako zingine @Voltron na @Quanstrom kwa hio bedsitter yako ngara then muwapige lecture for three days . jinga shenzi .

Umejaza mavi kwa hiyo kichwa yako.

Sigh sigh and sigh again. Words fail me. How are doing with your 2 preggars women?

Like I always do, take care of them both. Kila mtu kwa nyumba yake and working around the clock like a vampire.

that was a work of fiction there is no 2 preg women , the fool makes up useless stories

Endelea niweke mama Clichy ball pia. Meffi

I choose to believe you bae. I just cannot imagine anyone I know being his babymama.

wewe kitu unaweza impregnate ni your right palm

Uliacha kudinya malaya na kupost picha hapa?? When will you stop buying sex…

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D you are a bad badder baddest person Bae…BBBB.


In all honesty M2Random who sleeps with our Uni gals bila condom? pls tell us you were lying.

Welcome back m2random (PhD single motherhood)


Mwanamume ni wewe

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D wanaume tafuteni bit coins sasa.

@uwesmakende amekuwa bae wako tena? Do you know he has an affinity for climbing any orifice and any moving thing? Usije ukatulilia akiweka shimo la tatu kwa hilo pua lako.

Tell us more about Kenya airways, you faired well, tununue shares ama tungojee

Wewe umekua wapi yawaaaaaaaa? he has always been my BAE…from day dot! Hizo zote… that he tells you guys ni uongo. Wacha akuje kuniita ng’ombe for ruining his reputation by saying he is a good family man.:smiley: