Runners Only: Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Any cures? Started in my right foot several months ago and only in the morning for a few minutes after waking up. I have already changed my shoes twice. Stride improved but the pain in the mornings didn’t go away. Now it’s in both feet and the pain lasts through most of the day. I’ve already incorporated stretching but it’s not getting any better. Should I just stop running completely until it heals?

tennis ball and plyometric training. for relief you can use diclofenac

Naona age bracket yako ni 40-60:D, hii condition hapana ya watoto.
Your foot structure could also be a factor besides rigorous workout and obesity,try massaging it usually goes away on its own

Been having it for like 3 years now both feet for a year then the right foot stopped suddenly.
I’m not a runner though

Enda kwa podiatrist akupime kama iko structural damage on your foot bones ama uko na “mbogoro” kama @ChifuMbitika

Wacha matusi gathee

see a Chiropractor ufanyiwe alignment, one of your legs could be slightly longer than the other leading to imbalance in weight distribution… end result is pressure under one foot.

I stopped running when I got it and switched to walking or slight jogging for exercise while wearing an ankle brace. About 1.5 years later it went away on its own and didn’t recur even after I resumed running. Turns out I had been running with the wrong “running” shoes previously. I invested in some proper running shoes pale Nairobi sports house. A good quality pair will cost you not less than 6k.

Flat shoes?
I’ve changed to a heeled ones,shedding some weight and there’s some improvements.

nyi ni wale mnakimbianga mkiland on your heels, the proper way is land on your toes

Running shoes.

Am experiencing that on my right leg kisigino. Have been boiling hot water with salt and alafu naeka hio kisigino ndani yake when the water isnt much hot warm to be precise. Inasaidia but still looking for longterm medication. Hope it works out bro.