Rumors about next android upgrade

Rumors has it tht the next big step on Google’s android os will be called Android M…M standing for Macadamia…seriously…??
That doesn’t even sound any cool

Nitashika android kama itaitwa Android marijuana

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droid Cupcake, Donut, eclair, froyo, ginger bread, honey comb, icecream sandwitch, ginger bread, kitkat, lolipop, macademia

If true, its probably just the name they are using while under development. After all wasnt lollipop or jelly bean previously called key lime pie?

Android Madondo

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Android mandathi

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Android githeri

will they ever develop android dryfry or android kawasaki

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:D:D:Dif only Jamaicans were into technology I believe Custom Marijuana ROM ingekua available

@Fala 12 siukona u.fala

I will only use technology once I can download food lakini hii mambo ya android sijui androgens mie sitambui

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And how did you type your comment?

Naming it after some cookie subway sell; macadamia nut cookie

I hope it has weed in it.