Rules on religious content

Concern has been raised about the nature in which talkers are expressing their views on religious subjects.It has always been the motto of this community that everybody is entitled to their own opinions.It is also important to remember that the manner in which one expresses their opinion can cause harm to other members of the community, therefore i would like to urge all to exercise some consideration especially when posting content which is of a sensitive manner.We all hold our beliefs dear to us and our lives are based on these beliefs, it would not be kind to mock these beliefs and this behaviour will end up ruining this community.

As such content involving memes/images/cartoons/videos which mocks or ridicules a particular religious theme or belief will not be tolerated.On the other hand questioning and debating about religious beliefs purely in text is allowed.

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So what next after religion, have you put grammar nazis on notice too, I mean a person proficiency in a language is sensitive.


Bullshit. Just do away with all religious/anti-religious content and let people live in peace


Please sir, understand that this is in the best interest of the community.

Do away with ALL religious content if you aim to be fair. Otherwise fuck off. Kuna list iliwekwa hapa jana ya notable members. How many of them are Christians?


Now we are talking @admin

Kudos @admin for clarifying this. Atheists have been mocking our God, yet we do not mock their beliefs (or lack of it).

Just add that “contravention to this directive will lead to suspension or exile in room 254”.

Nonesense! I propose then that religious content be locked without the option of reply since once the bearer of the message bombards my screen with nonsense about a Jewish deity, i have the right to dissaprove what i think is hogwash being thrown at me. You may be serving your white mans brainwash masters interests but know that some of us understood his shenanigans long ago. Not all brains are empty drives waiting to be programmed. I will fight this nonsense that is religion no matter the cost


tempted to put a jesus meme. @admin the guy posting daily religious things hapa wakome pia. Else you are applying double stands which is not hard to see.

Of course you have the right, but in a civilised manner.

Does, he post memes or deliberately attack atheists?

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now i think kenyagay is not such a bad idea afterall.
uwesmake here i come.
you cant reason with the fucking christians.
the white man has head far up their asses he vomits through their mouths


When people say ati end time is near or I will burn in a lake of fire or such I feel very offended to the level of “blasphemy”. BTW I am friendly to atheist though am Agnostic.


Psychopathic Religions

Jehovah = Psychopath; Moses = psychopathic prophet. Judaism is a Hawk religion (the Jews call themselves the “Chosen People”). The Jews are the slaves of their cosmic Master (Jehovah), but feel empowered by this “alliance”.


Allah = Psychopath; Mohammed = psychopathic prophet. Islam is a hawk religion (the Muslims believe they are the Faithful and True servants of God and that everyone else is evil and damned); Muslims “submit” unconditionally to Allah and Mohammed, but feel enormously empowered by this self-subjugation.


This religion masquerades as a dovelike religion (it pretends to promote peace, love, compassion and forgiveness), yet Christianity is allied with the supreme psychopathic religion of Judaism, which is based on fathers being expected to murder their own children if “God” (the ultimate serial killing Psychopath) commands it. Jesus Christ’s condemnation of the rich logically leads to economic communism and yet almost all Christians are rapacious capitalists.


Hinduism operates the Caste System, a truly psychopathic system. The top caste are the masters, the bottom caste their slaves. The top caste are the predators that prey on the bottom caste, the hawks that feed on the doves.

Mbona uliitoa si tulisema in text only?[/B]

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To be fair to this village any attempt to BAN or CONTROL posts discussing religion will have the net effect of killing discussions and driving out villagers.

Whatever beliefs you hold in the interests of this village please grow a thick skin or defend your beliefs without having @admin having to come up with ridiculous rules.

I am a Christian and as much as @Atheismo daily atheist memes offend me I have learnt to let him express himself, tolerance people, tolerance.


Please sir let me post as an example, what is mocking or insulting about this meme? I find it thought provoking rather [ATTACH=full]11853[/ATTACH]


lets just ban religion hapa

You are walking the path which made moderators in klist loved by a few and hated by the majority. Set the people free


The LORD agrees.


religion = brainwash
religion = brain control tool
the next big world war will be triggered by religious differences
There is no such thing as a true religion simply because all religions are made up by control freaks
Religion is radicalisation of the masses to adopt increasingly extreme beliefs, ideals and aspirations that (1) reject or undermine the status quo or (2) reject and/or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice.