Rude shock for this man

A businessman in
Nairobi, got a rude shock
when his 40 yr old wife of
15 years declared that he
was not the biological
father of their three
The 40 yr old man was
given the most shocking
news of his life, by his
wife when she told him
that he is not the father
of their three children
aged between three and
The wife is opposing a
plea by the man that he
be given custody of the
children after their
marriage failed.
The wife says her husband
is a stranger to her
children and they don’t
want to see him.
According to the suit
papers filed by the
woman, the businessman
has not been supporting
the three children.
The wife insists that the
children have been
supported by their
biological fathers.
She asked the court to
order DNA tests on the
minors and the
businessman to establish