Give me useful info. On where I can get a soft loan ya 200K hivi any financial institution with good interest rates (ShylocksApanaiyoCategory)

Hapa ndio noma iko I got A Yea account with cooperative bank not so very active sidhani wanaeza nidunga kaloan. Ndio nataka info on the nxt best option security ni Title Deed. where I come from we call it hanging the godamn title :wink: nichanueni pesa ikipatikana lazima best advisor akule Thao mbili.

hiyo shamba yako iko wapi na ni size gani?


kiambu wapi ?


uko na gari?

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No straight forward answer anyone?

Secured loans should be no problem. Walk into any bank of your choice.

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You cant be given loan with a kiambu ndumberi land thats considered ancestral land it’s a no go zone for any bank as they will lose if they want to auction the land.

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If u want to be offered a good price …call it dubs…sio NDUMBERI


Its very easy if you have a vehicle… They will do valuation, register joint ownership but you still get to have the vehicle… Land is tricky expecially if you default as there are many vultures who will start circling above to buy it cheap from the bank… People colluding with staff and bank lawyers.


Do you have a job and is it under contract or fully employed, a barclays representative was telling me the other day that they give loans based on the type of employer and contract you’re under.

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Got not a very good history in coop as in inactive, watachukua security kweli got another 0.45 at Ihururu Nyeri. Then all these banks want you to own certain accounts active for certain periods kweli kuna ile naweza Ingia kama nimepita na hiyo pesa, mind you 200k ni way less than the present prices of the piece of land.

Anyone who knows about kubuy loan? I’m active in a certain sacco got a 400K loan for 4 months a fellow business man has adviced me to buy the loan WTF? " eti wanipe extra for a longer period. Wakenya wanabiashara what’s this buying a loan it’s just my 2nd year in business hiyo nimeskia leo

when the banks advertise for loans on media, it looks very easy to get them but ukiamua kuendea, unapatia conditions mob hadi unawaacha tu… and if u r given, u must know someone!!!

This is what they call ‘top-up’. My advice? Don’t! Run very far away very fast and don’t look back.

Depending on what business you’re in, you may wanna find out more about Trade Finance.

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Reason of running should be? I mean the consequences interest inapanda drastically or? Juu if it’s that top up na waongeze 4 months I think I’d pay way before due date

Have a look at those calculations utajionea.

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