Rough Skies

Courtesy of Super typhoon Mangkhut.

Wow!!! That’s some scary shit. Hope walipewa diapers upon landing.
That pilot is the man!

this is fake in my opinion. Those manuvers at that altitude and speed the plane will loose lift and stall.
@747Captain confirm this. I take it you are into planes by your name

this looks fictitious, no commercial plane can perform such maneuvers as this will result in a stall. double spins always means that recovery is virtually impossible, remember thermodynamics laws?

A fluke. Still is a single spin. It is recoverable at a reasonable altitude. However the cross wind appears not to be having a steady heading and speed, and may have helped the pilot a bit towards the end.

I know nothing about flying planes apart from the little physics I learnt in school but this video is 101% chinku, everything FAKE including this clip

Hiyo ni cgi

fake. that airport would be wet or very cloudy.

Imagine so much wind shaking a plane’s tail but not lifting a single skirt!? Fake.

Very fake

even the quality. is fake.

Hii ni gta 5 mazee, sio real

ingekuwa trumpistan two days later trailer ya movie ingekuwa ishatoka