So today, I met up with my bro and his family for lunch. It was fun spending time with my nephews but I noticed my bro spoke to his children in kiswahili and English, yet spoke mother tongue with his wife.
When I asked him about that his explanation stuck with me. Apparently in his highschool there was a lot of tribalism, like certain tribes kept to themselves and had associations, students would talk in their tounge purposely to exclude others from the conversations and many other scenarios to stregnthen his point.

Both of us were raised to uphold our roots, always talk in our toungue to each other and we always go to our home every other month like its tradition.

In my opinion the country hasn’t changed that much such that we are all blended. Tribalism will be around for a very long time. The same stereotypes that my parents had to endure are the same that I find pointed towards me.

So my question is this. Should we teach our children to be staunch [insert your fathers tribe] and be head strong when when confronted by tribalism OR start being behaving blended and accepting towards everyone?

watoto wafunzwe vernacular. end of debate.

Running away from your ethnic identity is pure madness.

my kids speak arabic, swahili and english, whilst at home we speak kiswahili only, hio kiarabu yao told them wapeleke shule au inje. BUT, still, we are marginally kubaguliwa, just because we are proud born east africans. na vile we are better educated than them, tunaitwa muwa’laad yaani wazaliwaa.