So i was rooting a huawei y520-u22 using king.Unfortunately after rebooting the sims are not detected and theres an error “” what may be problem hapa :confused:

U need to have it flashed
…i had such a situation


reinstall stock rom

ya lorenzo imewak

kuFlash simu itapoteza root permission,
The best way kuroot ni kutumia comp,maApp haziko reliable@pirate

you can restore imei na mtk Droid tools tu i had that problem after i unbricked my phone. imei iko corrupted that’s y haidisplay

io MTKDroidTools inawork,nimepata shida kuweka GT 7589 USB Debugging

Uzuri ya hii rooting ni upi ata mmi nijue??

Root ndo ujue polepole,
Ama,Si uload tu advantages of rooting kwa net ujue,