I know this is second hand video but I am touched.

Hata tujifanye Alpha males with metal heart, love EXISTS.

Can any volunteer shiny eye translate this message pls.


Can you compare this to those who bulldoze overused lanyes using their financial muslce( business).

Who finds more relaxation and satisfaction and have a reason to head home immediately after a tiresome day hustling?.

Who will wake up the following day without PTSD?.

Hata kama kuna challenges, uzuri wazidi ubaya.



Upus tupu


Delete hii umeffi, huna adabu?

Sorry Alpha males wenzangu

Do you have OR will you ever be blessed with a daughter whether in marriage or Karura style?, as she grows up lively with all your physical traits and intelligence will you wish and link Alpha males to be SUPER CRUEL to her?.

Do you have a sister/ female cauzo/ niece/aunt?.Umewabebea chuki kilo ngapi kwa kuzaliwa wanawake?.

Were you born via a female species?, how much hatred do you have for her?.