Roman Reigns quits match against Goldberg in WrestleMania

Roman Reigns will not be in his scheduled bout with WWE Universal Champion Goldberg. Reigns didn’t feel comfortable competing at the Performance Center as a result of his battle with leukemia. Being immunocompromised, Reigns didn’t want to risk his health.

Quick recovery to him

Wacha uongo wewe. He withdrew from the match because he didn’t want to risk exposing himself to Corona virus. Get your facts right.

Goldberg si was inducted to hall of fame, what is he coming to do again after his botched match against the deadman in Saudi?

There is a rumor Roman reigns will be booed even with an empty stadium Vince not taking chances as for Goldberg maybe Vince wants to get Roman ( can’t stand this guy) over that was the plan why bury the fiend to a hall a famer