Rock music

To all rock music fans,kindly drop your favourite track/s.:slight_smile:

Rock music is broad. very broad

Be specific…sudgenre gani and are we to stick strictly to rock ama tuende hadi metal…

Devel music

Fix you
Christmas light
Princess of china

My soft rock playlist:)

Sup bro mbona unaiba playlist yangu… 100% shit i listen to

And a tribute to the fallen XFM

:D:D:D…good shit is contagious to the discerning ear

Swear you are my lost siamese twin… Yaani mpaka 20 moredays… Nick ndeda and nadia favre walituwacha high and dry

Fix you has to my favourite song in the world. If I was on my death bed and I had 4 minutes to live, I’d ask them to play me Fix You as a last wish

Coldplay is a band that has defied odds…
Also try its not my time ya 3 doors down

manze Radio Africa fucked up big time shutting down XFM. Nowadays I struggle to find shit to listen to on radio.:confused:

Is metals classified as rocks? :

well here is my playoffs

multiplied - Gospel petal by need to breathe

wanderer - Countless skies

God was never on your side - motorhead

Under - NightCore

Imposible - shontelle cover( exit aden)

song on fire - nickleback

One last breathe - creed

dear god - Avenged sevenfold

sound of silence - Disturbed

Not to mention it was a big blow for the local rock/alternative music artist


My rock music arranged in alphabetical order

Charlie Brown
Lovers in Japan
Cemeteries of London
Life in Technicolor
Boulevard of broken dreams
21 guns
skater boy - Avril lavigne
breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
What if God was one of us - Joan Osborne
Smells like teen spirit - kurt Cobain
About a Girl - Kurt Cobain
If today was your last day - Nickelback
Could be just like you - 3days grace
Save tonight - Eagle eyed cherry

Gentleman of fine taste. Alafu how do you do such a long ass screenshot?

Mimi kama alpha male I migrated from USA nikaingia Europe Yaani kina Nightwish, kamelot Delain Within temptation Xandria Epica etc. Za USA nacheza kina Evanescence, Train, Blink182,Bonjovi, The killers Fallout Boys na labda Paramore. meanwhile, Nightwish is the best band in the world.