Robert Alai in Deep shit

Robert Alai is not new to
controversy. He wears the cap
perfectly. And so when he shared
the private phone numbers of the
Nation’s leaders( something he has
done before,anyway) a section of The
President’s buffoonish supporters
raided his virtual house,baying for
his blood,calling for his immediate
arrest and even worse,suggesting
that he DESERVED to be
assassinated! What nonsense!
Alai,I want to believe,didn’t share
out the contacts out of malice or ill-
will. He never does,anyway. I am
pressed to believe that Alai shared
out the contacts out of what he felt
was the Government’s laxity in
dealing with the cataclysmic Kainuk
For close to 5 days now,angry
residents of Kainuk,in Turkana have
blockaded a road causing a
monumental traffic jam of over 300
cars for what they said was
insecurity in the area. And as we
speak,hundreds of innocent people
have been held hostage in the
village of Kainuk,unable to proceed
with their travels,unable to find
water or food or sanitation even
triggering attention from The Red
All this is a result of the injudicious
actions of the incensed Kainuk
residents who,after blocking a whole
road with debris and felled
trees,decided that the road can only
be re-opened for public use after
none less than THE PRESIDENT
himself shows up and addresses the
volatile situation. This has plunged
hundreds of Kenyans into a
quagmire…Including defenseless
women and children.
Robert Alai,therefore, must have
acted out of desperation and
frustration with the Governments
sluggish response to the unfolding
humanitarian catastrophe.
But after publicizing the hallowed
President’s phone number,and those
of his deputy and 2 other
Government operatives,Alai was met
with the harshest and vilest
comments and acidic reactions from
an irate section of Social Media’s
Jubilee Constituency.