Robert Alai has a point here

After Mohammed Ali’s Jicho Pevu
on Pastor Victor Kanyari, tech
blogger Robert Alai came out
saying that Moha should have put
his focus on high end churches
like JCC, NPC, JIAM and Mavuno
which are conning educated
Below is what he posted;
They spoilt an otherwise apt
investigative piece. Why focus on
the almost illiterate Victor Kanyari
and leave even my church NPC,
JCC, JIAM and Mavuno conning
educated fools.
Focusing so much on the
Helicopter and Victor Kanyari
Ministries destroyed the
investigative pieces. Moha and
John Allan Namu should have
gone to the upmarket churches and
seen how learned people are being
conned openly.
Kanyari’s followers are by default
ignorant. Just like the Standard
Group is in the pockets of the govt
and Kenyan viewers are not seeing
this, they can’t target Victor
Kanyari alone

Alai is just hungry for fame as always.But hao kiunas lazima wakuwe exposed.