Robert Alai accused of being member of Alshabab! (Kamenuka)

Blogger RobertAlai was this morning arraigned at the milimani law courts where he stood accused of allegedly conspiring to commit a terrorist act, being member of the Al-shabab militia group and providing service & property to commit terror related activities. [ATTACH=full]243636[/ATTACH]

Wacha aende akule mruru. But bloggers like such cases as they augment their blogging capital/appeal

Yaani Kenya mzima case ya Alai ndio muhimu? Hizo resources sii watumie kutafuta hao All shsbab.

quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck…it’s…

Kwani hii jamaa hana Godfather?? Inaonekana anablog foaaaaaaa…

Last time he was lamenting that baaba didn’t rush to his rescue…

This time atakubali

Dont think anyone will rush to his rescue this time around

Big fail from KPS and prosecutor involved. This is not how to create Nationalism, charge them with the rightful offence.

is he eating from al-shabbie to help spread their propaganda?

With the insulting he’s done to baba?

the insulting began after he was arrested and baaba who he had erstwhile sang for abandoned him.

No, they are preffering random charges to hold him for longest time possible

your answer and my speculative question are parallel…

I feel for those who had been leaking to Alai official govt letters, corruption cases etc etc
DCI has access to all his phones, laptops etc
wale huanza ama kumalizia na " pls hide my name" etc etc

As much as i hate the Jubilee govt and its stupid tactics , some of these bloggers are very annoying and will go to any length to gain some attention on national issues, posting pictures of dead policemen killed by terrorists is just un-patriotic,

We know police men were killed, 7 of them, displaying their dead body parts plays into the tactics of the terrorists…

Hata yeye hiyo kichwa yake kubwa atumie vizuri, regardless of his freedom of speech.

Nothing is as dangerous as freedom without responsibility

Gava siku yao itafika too.

i see people burying their heads in the sand. people are so focused on the images rather than the story he was telling.

Freedom of speech under threat, badala ya kudeal na the real threat, alshabab wanadeal na mablogger, very petty.