Robbery CBD!

My hands are trembling as I write this.

I was in the coo-operative bank at Haile Selassie at around 1:30 pm. I wanted to take my young son to eat ice-cream since he loves it and had been brought to see me by the mom as they do shopping.

So we walked from work as I made a quick entrance to the bank to withdraw kakitu and treat my family.

Soon enough some thugs followed in and I heard “ laleni chini!” I was shocked and lacked words and quickly went to the ground.

Now my son did not understand this and before I got him down he shouted back “stealing is wrong!”

Upon hearing this, the thugs run out of the entrance and bolted into the street behind.

A visibly shaken AP officer came to my little boy and said “ you have saved us ”

The bank manager came out of the office and congratulated us and gave us a small token for appreciation.

I was very happy that I taught my boy well, junior is doing well and eating icecream as I type this.

NB:this is a fake story from Digi Press Inc.[/SIZE]


digi takataka umbwa hii

@Ngimanene na matharo you are needed here.


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Yani there still fools that go to the bank to withdraw kakitu ?

August isn’t far. Soon the Bukusu will conduct their annual circumcision rites. We will take you there unyolewe firimbi the old fashioned way. Hii utoto yako itaisha.

Not in an odd year.

Yes elder, pesa zingine ni za bank

Kunja mkia brathe, tutakurudisha kingslanding bila meno

Hio Coo-perative ya kwenu inauzwa ice cream? blal fakin

Sasa bugusu na Gregorian calendar wanaingiliana wapi? Some of these things are just made up


Kwani umetie simu yako to bank account?

Achunge sana account isisafishwe

kuna pesa ingine inabidi ikue cash na sio ya ufukara ka ya kununua kashamba,unless yako unaletewa kwa nyumba but mimi huenda pale kwa manager kisha nahesabiwa na kujitoa. And it feels nice kulipia vitu cash mzito
So,yes fools still withdraw from banks

You are ten times better than the hundreds of villagers here who never post anything.

Wanangoja thread itokee ndio waonyeshe skills za kuongea meffi.

Anywho, wacha ningoje @Ngimanene na matharo akuletee zawadi.

Guka alivunjika mguu, he gave an update on a different thread.

Why not in an odd year?

I have heard your cries, I will help you. @digi kïhiiiiiiiiiii humbwa koko taktaka ya manispaa chiet ghaseeer ibilisi mkuu nyenje