Rob Kardashian is pregnant


who is he/she?

We’re all fine… Caitlyn junior!

Brother ya Kimani Kardashian na Kyalo Jenner

Hii inatuhusu aje?

Wazae tukae kifande gani?

That family is really strange.

Are you sure? when did he have his sex transplant operation? and has he sorted out the custody battle with Chyna Black?

They have made millions of cash. When I see folk trying to ape some western ways, huwa nawasikilia huruma sana.

I will have to believe this and wont research coz Kardashians are very weird people. Caitlyn Jenner went to hospital and had his deek destroyed and a vagina was formed and he became a woman.

:DCeleb gossip: vile huanza hapa na kuishua hukoooo. no one person is mentioned twice; inaanza uhuru to waiguru to vera sidika to a village goat to Kidero’s underwear then to Matiangi’s wife.
slay queen 1: Unajua A alikatwa mboro na B?
slay queen 2: Whaaat! Na vile C alikuwa anapenda D! Sasa itakuwaje.
SQ 1: Ni sawa tu Z anaoa Y!
SQ 2: Whaaat! W atakufa haki. Woiyee…

funny i gave an example of the kardashians to my current interns (second year uni and final year diplomas and they were like who is that? apparently they are so yesterday…

:D:D Hao ni citizen tv damu. They must not be watching foreign tv. My kid in primo will tell you who those kardashi faggits be

:D.This is just made up.

Ask them about Nipsey Hussle or Jake Paul

Nigga you gay

Kardashians have done every weird thing that there is to be done on Earth.

Yaani majamaa hapa…alfa males wanaongea story za kom kadashian AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA[ATTACH=full]245030[/ATTACH]

Rob from the Targaryen :smiley:

I can almost feel for the poor guy, his father is dead, father figure became female, everyone in his family is female.