Roadtrip to Lake Chala.

Kenya’s top visual artists visit lake Chala.


I visited this place many years ago!



Damn! Chala is my home village. i visit this crater lake everytime i’m home and it’s always stunning

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Wa!It almost looks like wamedit the colour of the lake… @kijanasoft kuna lodges around there?

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Yap. at the hilltop there’s a lodge with great view of the lake and the wider Taveta area. There’s also River Lumi Resort in Chala trading center…as well as many Hotels and guest houses in Taveta town just minutes away. Did you know that the Ke-Tz border cuts through the crater lake?

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How are the roads there?

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Swafi. nimeweka in my to travel list.

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Thanks boss! 1st holiday ya 2018…