Roadkill chronicles 7


Ghassia umbwa taktak ya manispaa chieth ( on behalf of gukaa ngimanene )

Use your real handle guok Deorro

Kwa nini madem wa Kenya hawapendi gym?

K ni constant (with or without gym).


Where K=kunona

Poor tiles job, whoever did those tiles deserves a proper beating

There’s a whole woman and all you see is tiles


@digi kïhiiiiiiiiiii humbwa koko taktaka ya manispaa chiet ghaseeer ibilisi mkuu

No…he may have actually just done a good job.

It’s said what you pay for is what you get

Angusha namba

Hiyo pose ni enticing

What’s wrong with the tile job? I’m not saying it’s nice, just want to know

Let’s digits @digi