road to recovery

incase you fellas missed on the alpha
now after that kaincident and the drama that unfolded withe the owner of the said animal threatening to kumbîka kîihu(consult witchdocter) we left that place in an incognito manner,passed through that forest with no one uttering even a single word.who can’t get terrified by such kwenderio guoya(being selled fear).the good thing about that place when you kondisha a lodgo in that place no much details are required as far as you can fluently express yourself in Greek,and you have the as per stated fees you good to there was no way they could have trailed our whereabouts.
after walking into the forest one crewmember called blacky was able to say something amidst many stummers,riu meni murona taa ngui icio cingemenya nîithue?(do you see as if those people are gonna recognize we as the perpetrators).wakiraki the other thinktok,suggested we jump before the drum and find the best mganga and save ourselves from the shame to come.I was of strong opinion to this but midway in my thoughts process I remembered my grandpa leaving a curse to anyone who consults evil spirits,not that I care anyway but I got much respect for that I indeed objected.
FFW everyone had their own view so we couldn’t draw a conclusion amicably.we resulted first of all the cash,remembered we had worked overnight gratifying our fetishes and slaughtering to.we had a good ransom of 12k to divide among our 4k I started to question when to tithe it or not.btw I was a respectable senior youth in our church.but I considered that money to have been obtained by the most evil way ,there was no way my pastor would nukisha his kitunguu with that.
we decided to return home,it was now by 5 pm,so the locals would have opened and waitherero today will give me that hole,I had joked with her that I shall come we talk business,which she shouted loudly dithicagwo ni ihîî.words which I never took lightly .I latter came to switch talk her and let her clarify how kipii I was.this people know how to feed your ego,she calmly amid fishy smiles explained that she wanted to thwat away the attention of the other drunkards and even if o hadn’t approached her she would have done it her my head I was mimi sitaki hii mucene unanipea nataka hio kîrî too wanted to test whether if after all the shiet that had happened the previous day,I cud afford a human erection.we agreed she would give me the goods at a fee of 350 the whole night .
me having 4 freeky Ks made my mjulubeng tick.mayao ndaigwa ni ndokia ndarugarugire ta mukurino arutitwo kireba…kumbe bado nko straight.we boarded a kanissan upto engineer town where waitherero worked.btw I come from I was still in incognito mode,huko tu ndio ningekunywa bila kujulikana mimi ni kijana ya youth…I went and found my waitherero there and loudly ordered 3 boys I had lied them to wait me I pick an Ethiopian blunt from someone I know and since they had some incompletely formed faces,the guy could have mistaken then for akina pamba.aone kama nmemseti.
after my 3 bottles were brought,my waithetero asked if today is the day because I look like I’m loaded.I told her I will gwika her until she mias…
while seeping my bottles the gory images kept popping in my mind and I would curse blacky because he is the one who came up with the idea.well patience pays and by 10 pm the time way nearing or so I thought…

kuahica ing’oi,ing’ooo ing’ooo ing’ooo bruuh bruuh,twiii twiii.


Pertusis hii hekaya yako jo haileti shangwe, kupiga punda kuni hapana hio tumekataa

:D:D:D:D not that i can but if watu wangefungua roho. Dunia angesimama usuke yawa.