Road Engineers-KeNHA guys kujeni huku

The Director General is saying they will hire another contractor to rehabilitate Mombasa road damaged by expressway construction and implement BRT at a cost of Ksh 15 billion. Guys I am asking, why hire another contractor at that amount of money? why not just ask the same contractor doing the expressway to rehabilitate the damaged road below after construction and implement the BRT and recoup the money if necessary via the tolls to cover entire construction. Why such waste of time and resources?

:D:D:D… you can’t be that gullible there is money to be made during the tendering process. Welcome to kenya.

Ati host anaitwa O’brien Kimani :D:D:D:D:D

[SIZE=7]man eat man society[/SIZE]

When nearing elections this is normal. But Kenya really needs opposition. Hii ni too much!

Its painful knowing tht mwanaushuru ndiye anaumia

Why even bother with old fashioned BRT when we can install trams.


hehe, halafu mtu anasema the expresway will solve the traffic issue. They have to spend another 15b to add another three lanes and BRT, meaning the current project is going to reduce the current lanes to 2. By the time they tender and do all that, it will be 5 years down the line na the population will have grown significantly too. useless bureaucrats.