Fine Young Lady …
She goes by the name Risper_ZK … :smiley:











Sura 3/10
Mkia 9/10
Hips 9/10
Boobs 3/10
Figure 10/10
No tattoo tiki

Overall 90/100

Sura hamna ila tukipata hatuwachi…kubabake!!!

Just FYI …
Fellows with more Potential than Yourself are busy lining up for Her favours …
Just so you know … :smiley:


Huyu ni jaluo

Vampire pussy.

Before the sun comes up, bitch be gone!

Siwezimind kulipa thao

Had pass!

Wewe ndio pimp?

What IF She is …??? :rolleyes:


@rexxsimba Mali safi sana hapa. Unakamuaa unapenda

More for you , Bro …
















@rexxsimba Asande Sana Cheif. Safi kabisa Mecho imengaraa kabisa