Risper faith gets saved

Most of you know Risper Faith as
one of Kenya’s top socialites who is
famous for her very huge b00ty.
The heavily endowed lass likes to
tease men with her irresistible
body but that will soon be a thing
of the past.
Risper took it to social media to
declare that she has decided to
get saved. Below is a post she
made on social media revealing her
new plans and Testimony.
My story
Do you find it difficult to
believe in God?or accept the
claims of Christianity?i did
‚when I was in the modeling
business but I changed my
mind‚and my reasons for doing
so May be of intrest to you in
your own personal journey
Andattempts to make sence of
life….I am a 4th yeAr student
at Mku pursing a degree in
business ‚have spent most of
my life clubbing‚modeling and
all sorts of worldly things…two
questions in particular have
always intrested me 1.is there
a God? 2.and if there is ‚what
is the connection between God
and freedom?
Growing up in boarding schools
with intellectually gifted but
believing parents ‚I used to
think that God and the
supernatural had been
discredited by the advance of
science and was incompatible
with liberty…
Anyway to put the long story
short I felt like I was lost for a
while and needed to get back
on track…so many things have
happened in my life in a span
of one and a half year…until
recently when I decided to
change my life and lead a
normal life…looking back
there’s no time when I had joy
in my life ….keeping
relationships has been a
problem because no man will
find it easy to date a woman
whose business is All in the
papers and all social
networks……have been hurt so
mAny times but with the kind
of a heart I have wld never
revenge…people will create so
many stories so as to get
mileage in there lives out of
me…I forgive all of you…
I have a lot to share…all be
posting videos on all social
networks to talk about my
testimony…read Galatians 6:1-2