Rising rift valley lakes.


There was a time when all those Rift valley lakes were conjoined. Lake Naivasha and Nakuru was one. Lake Magadi and Natron were one. Lakes Tanganyika and Malawi were also one long continuous lake. Ni watu same encroach.

Ile theory ya ati the problem began after GDC drilling kule Menengai and Olkaria 2 unaionaje?

The timelines of GDC commencing Menengai drilling and the problem have similarities.

It is said that the massive drilling by GDC in Menengai and Olkaria destabilized the underground water pressure levels, and thus the rise in water levels in lakes Naivasha, Nakuru, Bogoria et al.

This thing has to do with movements of tectonic plates. There is a lot of disturbance in the tectonic plates around East Africa and we might experience continental drift in the next few millions of years

What about the rising lake turkana?

Quite an interesting phenomena there.

Remember that a while back, the Ethiopian Gibe dam in river Omo reduced water flow to lake Turkana.

So where are these lakes getting water from? Possible culprit is from underground water sources.

The horn of Africa is splitting along the rift valley,Kenya and Somalia will form an island like Madagascar.
A purely shithole island ruled by a crossbreed of somali&kikuyu&nandi&luo etc.

fortunately by then we’ll be long gone

Of course