RIP Uchumi

Death due to milking.


Died a long time ago, only the life support is functioning.

Not just uchumi. I think even sarit center died long time.

Really? Been to sarit very few times

malls siku izi simekuwa empty kila mahali zimekuwa too much na iyo rent iko juu sana

Sarit is expanding Baba, labda uliona areas under construction and thought sarit is dying.

Very likely they have been kicked out, you don’t close your serious branches ata ukiwa na shida, si we all so vile Nakumatt ilipigana to have junction

Just when we thought they were getting back on their feet.

mtu aniwekee ile line ya githu muigai ya Mortician

The man before you is just a mortician. The patient died a long time ago on the operating table. If you think the patient should have lived, ask the doctors.

Gibleys uranyuira Ku ?

Carrefour announced they will be in Sarit from April.

Naivas are fucked. Not only is the Westlands branch grossly overpriced, it also feels so cramped up due to lack of competition from the nearby 2 Uchumi branches and the dead Nakumatt Ukay. They even recently launched 24hr shopping on the branch.

At least they are expanding to Mountain View because the onslaught they are going to receive from Carrefour will not be a joke

Hiyo Naivas hata kama 10 Carrefours will be opened in Westlands, haikufi. Hiyo stage ya Westie haiwezi kukubali.

Haiwezi kufa but revenue will significantly go down. Most people will just do big monthly shopping at Carrefour and relegate Naivas for small errands due to two things: Carrefour is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper and provides a better shopping experience which includes a much larger variety of goods

Note that all the affluent people that used to shop at Nakumatt Ukay have to shop at Naivas now. Part of the reason why they converted to 24hrs. And those are the biggest spenders. Do you think they will shop at Carrefour ama Naivas? Note that before the 2013 terror attack, Nakumatt WestGate used to contribute 10% of the total profit of all Nakumatt Branches grouped together. That tells you about the market segment that is going to be snatched from Naivas.

My fren, that Naivas branch is about maximizing profit at the highest volume due to the footfall it enjoys at that stage. It is simply the most convenient option.

That branch is 24 hours because Westie doesn’t sleep.


When was this. They have been down under on life support for at least 3 years with no meaningful progress. Every day a new hidden issue crops up.

I can’t help but think there’s some kind of sabotage at Uchumi. That thing died many years ago, but there’s definitely a bunch of people benefiting from the prolonged funeral.
My first suspect would be the top management, who I’m sure are not ready to surrender their big salaries.

There is a time i went to Uchumi Sarit and could find the shelves full. I was thinking that they were back on their feet.

Ever since Kipngetich took over, he was unearthing issue after issue every month. Non-stop unresolvable issues. Not one month was there any positive news.

You remember that Tusky’s BebaBeba still closed despite being on an even busier stage.
The only reason Naivas is excelling right now is because they have virtually no competitor so they virtually enjoy an oligopoly. But in a few months time, they will have bigger competition that is cheaper and much better setup less than 50 metres away.

A 20 pack of juicy fruit goes for Kshs 40 instead of twenty, a snicker bar 150, groceries are way more expensive than Carrefour

What competition was introduced closeby that killed Beba Beba?