Wanakijiji mnaeza nielekeza the best place to get good rims at an affordable price

Missing information. Eims za nini haswa? Cheki maneno, small plane, mkokoteni? How many bore?

Ama ni rims za hio gari iko kwa avatar?


hehehe …jinga ww …nauliza juu ya rims za gari stupid fuck


Wanakijiji mnaeza nielekeza the best place to get arimis at an affordable price[. Fixed


my mountain bike too has something called rims

Alloys ama spoked?


Chrome ama stock? Size?

size 14 chrome

There’s a shop shortly after Kírínyaga road/Accra road junction, heading towards Globe. Utaiona in your right hand side, sells chrome rims and other vehicle accessories. La sivyo, head to Park Road, Ngara.

thanks will check it out

got my rims at buru buru. there is a place just on your right when you turn off jogoo road into the road entering buru buru estate. the other place is also next to tuskys check this link: https://www.facebook.com/speedlineautotrack/?pnref=lhc

Kirinyaga rd or Park rd/ Ngara kuna Park sound…or hapo next to Mater Hospital in South B